Social  Web:  Where  are  the  Semantics?

Tutorial within the ESWC 2014

Hands On Sessions

Material you will need

Some interesting datasets

  • You may like working with the metadata information of the last few ESWC/ISWC conferences, available here. For your convenience, we have merged the dataset in a single RDF file. Further, the text of the abstracts of these conferences is already in the Mallet format in a CSV file.


  • Session 1: Understanding Social Media . Hands on (session a) (session b)
  • Session 2: Using semantics to represent data from SNS . Hands on session
  • Session 3: Using semantics to understand social media conversations . Hands on session
  • Session 4: Using semantics to understand user behaviour

Licensing information

Along this tutorial we shall be using licensed libraries.
  • Mallet is distributed under a Common Public License (CPL 1.0), read here.
  • Twitter4J is distributed under a Apache License 2.0, read here.
  • JSON.simple is distributed under a Apache License 2.0, read here.

License: The contents in this page are licensed under a CC-BY license. Disclaimer We provide this code without any warranty. Use it at your own risk.

Photo used under Creative Commons CC-BY license from youasamachine